Two males and three females

-Owning a Pit Bull is a lifestyle, it is a responsibility and it is a priviledge and too often we land up having to clean up the mess of inadvertently irresponsible Pit Bull owners. Over at Pit Bull-Lovers , we aim to educate the Pit Bull loving public about responsible ownership and assist anyone who may be interested in adding a Pit Bull to their family.

What Pit Bull-Lovers stands for:

We aim to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership.
Before adding a Pit Bull to your family by the way of buying or adopting we ask you to carefully consider if the breed is suited to your family which includes your existing animals.
We will expel myths surrounding the breed
We will give you the positives and negatives of having a Pit Bull
We will publish a list of force free trainers.
We are volunteers who make time to manage this page because of our commitment to the Pit Bull breed.

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