Cop Shoots Dog Dead Even Though Family Pet Was Not Attacking Him

The police have a job – to protect civilians from harm. As such, that means many people expect them to look after them and their families. This includes our pets, too, but sadly, some incidents show that not all police officers think of them that way.

When two NYPD police officers responded to a call at an apartment in Bronx, New York, they resorted to violence on a dog who didn’t deserve it.
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They had been sent to investigate a neighboring apartment when a four-year-old pitbull named Spike wandered out into the hallway from his home. Excited by the sight of potential visitors, the dog wagged his tail and began to bark playfully.

But one of the officers was spooked by the dog and didn’t notice his obvious friendly intentions. So he raised his gun and opened fire on Spike, fatally wounding him with a gunshot to the head.

Take a look at this video

These violent actions are horrifying to say the least. Surveillance footage reveals what happened at the scene, and you can see that Spike did nothing to provoke this violence.

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2 thoughts on “Cop Shoots Dog Dead Even Though Family Pet Was Not Attacking Him”

  1. Animal behavior should be part of Police training ! If you notice the little pittie had his tail down which usually means I’m not a threat and if you’ll just speak to me like I’m the sweet pet I am I would’vesiffed and then licked your hand with my little butt and my tail wagging ! But most police and people are ignorant when it comes to pitbulls. My heart goes out to the pitties family he probably had a child who will be traumatised over losing their BFF. Not all pitbulls are going to bite your face off they would most likely lick it off ! Pitbulls get such a bad rap, yes there is that 2 % that can be agressive but that’s with any breed. RIP little pittie and as for the officer I hope a poodle bites your leg maybe next time you won’t discriminate the next time you come upon a sweet pittie.

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