Cruel Man Drags Dog Behind His Car, Authorities Say “It’s OKAY”

According to this source, a cruel owner was spotted driving in his car in Topeiros Municipality, Xanti, Greece while dragging his dog behind.

The man did not stop his car and continued driving like nothing was wrong. Witnesses took photos of the incident and asked the driver to stop the cruelty, but that didn’t happen – the driver continued to drive.

Without hesitation, the witnesses reported the incident to the local authorities, hoping someone will take action.

But you know what happened instead? The officials literally announced that the driver was doing nothing wrong. Yes that’s right.

You know what’s more disturbing? The officials claimed that the dog had already passed away and the owner was going to bury it. My question to the officials and the owner, would you have dragged humans like this after they’re dead to bury them?

Take a look at this image:

The authorities know the driver, but say that there’s no reason for them to make any arrests. I’m shocked, really. According to who is this OKAY?


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