Pit Bull With No Ears Finally Has Someone To Love Her

This pit bull lost her ears because her first owners were mean to her — but her new mom loves her more than anyone in the world

Nana the pit bull’s nipples and belly hang low. They’re noticeable enough that people will often ask Nana’s person, Stephanie Doris, if she’s got puppies for sale.

She doesn’t, it’s just that Nana’s body looks this way now. Nana had what vets guess is 15 or so litters of puppies, before she was dropped off at a Los Angeles city animal shelter a little over two years ago.

She was about 8 years old and in rough shape, beyond all the breeding. Her teeth were gone — likely pulled out by her previous owners, or maybe self-inflicted, from being confined to a cage.

Nana’s ears are gone, too. The vets think they were cut off by amateurs who botched the job, then didn’t treat the resulting infections for years. They were full of fungus and polyps at the time of her adoption, and Nana had to have her ear canals removed shortly after.

Nana’s deaf now. She’s also finally safe.

“Even though I will never understand why or how they could treat a dog like that, especially a dog as sweet, as innocent and as gentle as Nana, I am thankful they surrendered her. Otherwise, she would not be with me now,” says Doris. “She has forgiven humans and, in a sense, I have forgiven, too.”

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