Hawaii’s Strongest Pit Bull Competition

Hawaii’s Strongest Pit Bull Competition
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Hawaii’s strongest dogs pull more than 4,000 pounds at the Big Boys & MMA Show.

One thought on “Hawaii’s Strongest Pit Bull Competition

  1. I have a Pibble mix named Rosie. She was a rescue, as all of my dogs have been. She is beautiful, strong, smart, and absolutely devoted. She knows when I’ve had a rough day, she looks at me with those big amber eyes, gives me a num num (kisses) or two and all is better. I love this dog, trust her with my life. She likes people, never jumps on anyone and loves our UPS guy. We just lost our 10 year old beagle and I swear, she misses her as much as we do. I stress to everyone what a good dog she is, what a good breed she is. She has changed some minds about Pibbles.

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