Serial Dog Abuser freely roam around – What he did is heartless!

Bound, emaciated dogs left without water and food, from a serial dog abuser, are seen on the streets in Kocani, Macedonia.

Such information was disclosed by “Anima Mundi”, an association for the protection of animals that have been notified by their counterparts Association “Second Chance” from Kocani, they gave them the Information about monstrous maltreatment of dogs in Kocani from a serial dog abuser.

As they say, in the association, thanks to the investigation of the Association “Second Chance” from Kocani, they found out the street in Kocani where is a building under construction, in which can be seen abused dogs.

-Tied, Starved and traumatized dogs, left without water. The dogs from the town disappeared overnight and every trace from them is lost. Upon entrance to the shivering building – every time you will see a new dog, frightened asking for help, dehydrated, emaciated. Look around and you will find remains of the bodies of dead dogs – corpses, scattered limbs.

The person is registered and well known to the police; but no one is doing nothing about it – say the Anima Mundi.v

The building of horror.

Ground levels

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