They Rescued 40 Neglected Pit Bulls From an Abandoned House And Offered Them a Whole New Life!

There’s something heartbreakingly irresistible about pit bulls. They’re often stigmatized and chalked off as being dangerous, but they are just as capable of being sweet and loving as any other breed of dog.

As a matter of fact, pit bulls have shown time and time again that they can be tender and nurturing, even though they’ve been neglected or abused, like this poor pit was.

Although everyone has a different opinion, you can’t argue that at least for these poor pit bulls, found in Lake Mathews, CA, there was nothing scary about them at all – except of course for the conditions that they were found in!

Abandoned by an owner who was serving time in jail, the dogs were fighting for their lives inside an incredibly filthy house, until luckily, they were discovered by animal services.

Fortunately, now that they’ve been found, they’re working and eating their way to gaining a healthy amount of weight, and they’re being completely spoiled while they wait to find their forever homes.

After being alerted by a disgustingly sickening smell wafting from a home in the neighborhood, a Lake Mathews, CA, local made a call to authorities.

Animal control was sent to the scene to look around, and what they discovered inside the house was truly sickening.

The interior of the house was totally disgusting, and smelled of decay.

“We’re talking a scene from Silence of the Lambs,” explained senior public information specialist John Welsh to NBC Los Angeles. “It was the smell of death.”

There among the filth were about 40 horribly emaciated pit bulls.

Sadly, 11 of the dogs had already died inside the house, and another died not long after being rescued.

It was discovered that the home owner was serving time in jail for drug trafficking and his wife was missing, and no one knew of her whereabouts.

Because there were so many of the same breed of dog inside the home, rescuers speculated that the owners were probably breeding the dogs before abandoning them inside the house.

Some of the unfortunate dogs were so emaciated and weak that rescuers had to carry them from the house.

A few of the dogs were anxious and afraid, and others were so happy to see people in the house that they ran to them to shower them with affection.

After the house was thoroughly inspected and they were sure that they had found all of the dogs, they were all rushed to the vet to receive emergency care.

Because all of the pits were dangerously thin, they were placed on a special diet plan to help them gain weight.

And as of now, that plan appears to be working wonders! They’re all looking much healthier and they’ve definitely added a few pounds!

Now that the dogs have reached a safe weight, the next step for caregivers is to make sure that each one of them finds their own forever home!

A few of the dogs still aren’t socialized and they’re understandably standoffish after everything that they’ve been put through.

But the service is doing its best to shower all of them with the love and affection that was denied to them for so long while in that horrible house.

By the time they’re adopted, they’ll all recognize what love really is.

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