Cruel owner dragged dog behind car to ” show him who’s boss”!

Manuel Alfonso Ruiz Martell was traveling Friday morning in his Volkswagen car dragging a dog tied with a chain to the rear of the vehicle in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The animal was bleeding from his paws. The man eventually stopped and when he was confronted. He argued that he was the owner of the dog and said “I’m teaching him who’s boss.”

The man is facing animal cruelty charges. And the dog was taken to a local veterinary clinic where he is receiving medical care.

He will probably be returned to the owner until the case is closed.

In an effort to have this bastard jailed and the dog removed from his property.

Please share this animal cruelty story and persuade the authorities to prosecute him at the fullest extent of the law and ban him from owning animals again!

Demand a harsh penalty for the sick bastard and see that justice is served!


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One thought on “Cruel owner dragged dog behind car to ” show him who’s boss”!

  1. Tie this bastard with a chain to the back of a car and do the same thing to him. Just don’t stop until he quits breathing.

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