Pit bull roundtable discussion

Are pit bulls dangerous dogs, or perfect pets if you train them right.

PORTLAND (WGME) — Are pit bulls dangerous dogs, or perfect pets if you train them right?

Our panel is here to discuss this divisive issue.

The panel includes:

  • Michelle Gladish – Pawsitive Paws Forever Rescue
  • Liam Hughes – Animal Welfare Direector
  • Rep. Catherine Nadeau (D) Winslow
  • Britt Bolnick – Pittie Posse Rescue and Sanctuary
  • Jeff Borchardt- Daxton’s Friends



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One thought on “Pit bull roundtable discussion

  1. Did anyone ask to see the physical address of Ms Bolnick’s and Ms Gladish’s facilities??? One of these women charge hefty fees for “adoption” Also from presenting professionally on this subject, I can tell you that dogsbite.org does indeed keep accurate statistics using media reports, police and coroners reports. Quite often photos of the attacking dog are obtained and 13 parameters are used before publishing. No parent should bring one of these animal into their home before googling”Safety Before Pit Bull Dogs” Would you buy a baby bed that has been recalled. Public safety is secondary to the fringe of the zealots of the dog world. Take a look at the photos in life of the dead since 1985-it will break your heart.

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