8 Celebrities accused of animal abuse, nominated into the animal lovers hall of shame!

While many celebrities spend their time working for animal causes and helping with the protection of furry creatures, others have made the news for just the opposite, pure animal abuse.

From dog fighting to wearing fur to just plain neglect, some celebrities deserve a nomination into the Animal Lovers Hall of Shame.

Here are nine names who have made the news for their less-than-stellar treatment of animals — including some who got in big trouble with the law for their behavior.

1. Paris Hilton — remember her?

At one time, she had something like 17 dogs, mostly chihuahuas. One of the dogs was named “Tinkerbell”, which lived in Paris’ purse during the filming of her various reality TV shows. Around 2006 or so, Paris stopped taking little dogs with her everywhere she went after it became known that she wasn’t the kindest or most dedicated dog owner.

She treated the little animals like fashion accessories and was accused of leaving them to die in her closets when she got bored with them. The animal rights’ zealots started taking smacks at her in print because she was blamed for starting the trend where vapid celebutantes carried these critters in their purses — and forever PR-attuned Paris decided it was best if she phased the Tinkerbell antics out before she became a bigger target for these people.

2. Courtney Love:

Allowed one of her dogs to eat breast implants she had laying around the house (which she claims she forgot about) and forgot about another dog that she left at the vet’s and never picked up again. Because she has such a bad reputation already as a drugged-out train wreck, Love didn’t get any more hate than usual from the press over these instances…though the animal rightists scolded her for allowing the dog to eat her implants.

What Romney did to his dog Seamus is a lot worse than this, because he’s supposed to be a respectable person who makes good decisions — not the wasted, deranged lead singer of a band named “Hole”. Love was also accused recently of having a “hoarding problem” (like you see on TV, where people accumulate so much junk in their homes it consumes their lives) that resulted in her cat dying (from being trapped in the rubble). Love claims the cat was killed by a mountain lion, not her hoarding.

3. Ellen DeGeneres:
huge, hateful backlash against her over a dog adoption issue back in 2007. I know you remember this one — it’s the first time that Ellen’s golden image was tarnished. Ever since she came out of the closet, she became the media’s designated “go-to” lesbian and one of the gay community’s most high profile spokespeople.

I used to watch her show every day when I had a TV but stopped around the time this thing happened with the dog because I’ve never felt the same about Ellen afterwards. I bet I’m not alone on that, either. The problem with the dog adoption is that Ellen and her now-partner Portia di Rossi adopted a dog through something called “Mutts & Moms”, which has strict rules for their adoptions.

That word — adoption — is used purposefully by these people because they treat the handing over of an animal as seriously as people treat adopting a child. Ellen got in trouble because she and Portia ended up not liking the dog and got bored with it, so they gave the dog away to their cleaning lady.

The “Mutts & Moms” people paid Ellen a surprise visit to see if she was abusing the dog and found out that she’d given the dog away — which violated the terms of the “adoption”.

Ellen was so peeved about this that she made the huge mistake of badmouthing “Mutts & Moms” on her TV show…which encouraged her rabid fans to bombard “Mutts & Moms” with death threats. In turn, “Mutts & Moms” took to the local airwaves to talk about all the hate aimed their way because of Ellen. It was a huge PR disaster for DeGeneres — she even had a mini nervous breakdown on her show over it.

What Romney did to his dog Seamus is much worse than Ellen and Portia giving their dog to the cleaning lady. If dog lovers reduced Ellen to sobbing and tears on TV, just imagine what these people are going to do to Republicans down ticket from Romney if he’s the nominee. Can you imagine having to defend the party’s standard bearer for strapping his dog to the roof of a moving vehicle? If these people turned on Ellen – a darling of the Left – you need to think about how ugly this “Mutt Romney” stuff is going to get in a general election.

4. Jesse James

Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, whom she divorced for a lot of reasons, but including the fact that he took his pit bulls to dog fights. Bullock found out about it and immediately started divorce proceedings — in part because she’s a genuinely nice woman who was horrified by this, but also I think because her fans would have turned on her if she’d stayed with a man who engaged in dog fights.

I am sure her PR team had coronaries when they found out what Jesse James was doing. Bullock escaped unscathed from this because she got out quickly…but Jesse James is still seen as America’s #1 Scumbag for what he did to both Bullock and those dogs.

5. Michael Vick

like Jesse James, he got on the national radar for dog fighting and will forever be known as a villain for abusing animals. James and Vick did things that were worse than what Romney did to his dog Seamus, clearly, and what they did was so bad there’s just no hope of them recovering from it in the public eye.

6. Kim Kardashian
In 2010, she picked up a kitten by the scruff of its neck for a photo shoot, and PETA went after her with a vengeance for “abusing a feline”. The animal was not hurt in the slightest and it didn’t even seem to mind being picked up that way.

This is sort of like the Johnson beagles thing, where those animals didn’t seem to mind what he did either. But Kardashian — who is some sort of reality TV staple — was hounded by PETA for months so they could “make an example of her” to discourage others from picking up cats by the back of their necks.

You really need to understand that the Outrage Industry is comprised of groups like PETA that sit around all day waiting for someone to pick up an animal the wrong way so they can label that person “The New Hitler” for being so cruel and callous. Kardashian picking up a kitten by the neck is nowhere near as bad as Romney strapping his dog to the roof of a car. Just imagine what these people are going to do to him.

7. Ozzy Osbourne

Many, many years ago, during a concert, a fan threw something on the stage that Ozzy thought was a rubber Halloween bat. So he took it and playfully bit the head off it. Instantly, he realized it was a real bat and vomited the head onto the stage, along with his lunch.

He was rushed to the hospital for a rabies check — and he never intended to harm an animal, live or dead, and didn’t mean to bite the head off a real bat (that was already dead). Still, to this day, people tell the story about him biting off the head of that bat and the usual suspects at PETA go on about this, citing it as “cruelty to animals”.
For those of you who are really good at research, please help add mores instances to the above.
8. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has had his share of trouble with the law – and it seems that includes a few instances of animal abuse. Perhaps the most infamous one came to light when German customs seized Bieber’s pet Capuchin monkey, Mally. Not only had the singer failed to inform customs that he was arriving with a monkey (which requires clearance and paperwork before he can be allowed into the country), but tests revealed the monkey was only 14 weeks old.

Why is that relevant? Because monkeys of that age should still be with their mothers. They are too young to know how to fend for themselves; and being away from their mothers for long periods of time can lead to stress, illness, and even death.

The monkey had trouble eating by himself when quarantine officers took him. Bieber didn’t even have paperwork to prove where he’d gotten Mally; who is a protected species that cannot be legally owned as a pet except by people that have a special permit.

Bieber has also been accused of passing on his pet hamster to a random fan during a loud concert. The hamster, of course, was never seen again, prompting outrage in those who believed it probably died of stress or exposure.


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