Caught on Video: Cop Wants to kill a Dog because He doesn’t Like him

The loss of a beloved pet is one of the most traumatic experiences that a person can go through. Once your trusted companion has been by your side for many years.

The prospect of putting them to rest can be too much to bear.Watching a pet pass away is made even more difficult when the animal is murdered. Under circumstances that seem to be completely preventable.

While animals die each day and they are often killed by abusive people with no regard for the law. How is a person supposed to Feel when the very same people who have sworn to uphold the law are the one who are doing the killing?

On one fateful morning, Lexie the dog was accidentally left outside. Her owner’s grandfather was ailing and the forty five pound lab was placed in a situation where she would have to fend for herself. Once her grandfather forgot that she was outside, the stage was set for one of the most tragic events that a pet owner can experience.

Lexie realized that she had been left outside and she began barking loudly, asking to come back inside. Any dog would have done the same thing in Lexie’s shoes. But the neighbors were bothered by the excessive noise and decided to call the police.

From there, the process should have been simple. A knock on the door from the police would have alerted the grandfather about his mistake. He lets Lexie back inside and everyone goes on their merry way. But this is not what went down.

Lexie was fired at by the officers who arrived on the scene and she would later die as a result of her gunshot wounds. The cops have issued a report that claims Lexie rushed them. But that is not the story that is being told by the other neighbors who were on the scene at the time.

The video that was released after the incident does not back up the story of the police officer who fired the shots. From the looks of it, Lexie was scared and cowering by the side of her home when the cops arrived.

This does not look like the type of dog that inspires fear in law enforcement. And it is our most sincere wish that Lexie receives justice.

These police officers could certainly use a taste of their own medicine. So take a moment to share this post and spread the awareness.


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