Depressed Dog With ‘Potato Chip-Like Scales’ Looks Completely Unrecognisable After His Transformation!

Augustus or Auggie was the worst case of neglect and abuse Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) team has ever seen. Determined to save him, their efforts didn’t go in vain when you see his transformation.

Augustus was a stray dog who got treated like a monster by the local mob. He was so badly negated that his body was coated with “potato chip like” scales. People yelled at him and threw stones, until one day his photograph caught the attention of the HASRA team.

He was hospitalized for weeks and his infected skin was treated with antibiotics and gel. One the scale got off, he still appeared to be a raw burn victim. No one could tell what was his breed looking at him.

He was soon transferred to HASRA sanctuary where his skin was received a good medical care and coconut oil rub downs. And he definitely rejoiced it!!!

Auggie never forgot what the team had done for him, and always met eyes with them with great gratitude and love.

The staff then started a Facebook page for Auggie and updated his daily progress. Animal lovers soon started falling in love with him, so much so that a woman named Jordan even adopted him!

No one still knew what a scale and infection free Auggie would like, check out his beautiful transformation to a gorgeous Border Collie mix.

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