Rescued From Michael Vick’s Dog Fighting Ring, A Loving Tribute To Denzel!

Since the simply dreadful dog fighting ring that NFL’s Michael Vick was running was exposed it’s been nine years. From a person that is really supposed to set an example for the youth, a role model to many, it was a real shock!

After the terrible things that went on were exposed and twenty-two victims of fighting were taken in by the Best Friends Animal Society where they could recover in safety.

The rounds of fighting had really taken their toll on the poor dogs, thankfully though several of them were adopted into lovely holes where they were cared for and looked after.

One special pit bull called Denzel stayed at the Society ‘Best Friends Animal’ because he had a chronic blood disorder and he needed special care.

Denzel was completely adored by the animal rescue group, he was lovely and very easy to love indeed. The team was completely on-board with his care and they would love him as long as they could.

It was very sad wend Denzel died, it was on 10th January, he was surrounded by all the people that loved him dearly, so much so that they created a lovely tribute to him, such a wonderful dog!

He might not have been adopted into a traditional home, however, he did receive incredible amounts of love from everyone who encountered him, the rescue center and he really knew the feeling of a loving, all be it, a big family!

Denzel will really be missed and his memory will go on and on, he touched so many people and all the millions of people that heard his story and helped put an end to his ring fighting.

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