BREAKING NEWS: 36 Pit Bulls Rescued, 3 Arrested After Major Dogfighting Ring Takedown

The three men operated different “kennels” on Long Island that actually served as the staging ground for the dogfighting ring, the AG says.

WYANDANCH, NY – Suffolk Police recently rescued 36 pit bulls and arrested three man after a takedown of a major dogfighting ring in Wyandanch, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced on Thursday.

Beginning in March, officials started “Operation Bloodline” after receiving multiple reports of dogfighting on Long Island.


As a result of the investigation, officials executed search warrants at 38 Birch Street and 135 Irving Avenue, where they seized evidence and rescued the pit bulls (ranging in age from one week to seven years), which led to the arrest Tuesday of Wyandanch residents 34-year-old Richard Davis, 49-year-old Martin Newkirk and 26-year-old Taikeem Wheeler, the attorney general said.

Officials said three were charged with multiple felony offenses of prohibition of animal fighting, fifth degree conspiracy and other animal cruelty crimes.

The trio all operated three different “kennels” that actually served as a staging ground for the dogfighting ring. The Attorney General said Davis operated the Roll Right Kennel on Birch Street, Newkirk operated the Rise ‘n’ Shine Kennel on Irving Avenue and Wheeler operated the Across the line Kennel on North 26th Street.

A total of 14 pit bulls were rescued from Davis’ Birch Street home, more than 20 pit bulls were rescued from Newkirk’s Irving Avenuehome and two pit bulls were rescued from Wheeler’s N. 26th Street home, the attorney general said. More than half the dogs rescued are puppies.

All 36 of the pit bulls were found imprisoned in “deplorable” conditions, often tethered with heavy chains and separated from one another, with no visible food or drinkable water, the Attorney General said. They also had injuries consistent with earlier fights. One had an untreated broken front leg and another was significantly underweight.

In addition, almost all of the adult pit bulls had fleas, dirty coats and long claws, evidence of their life on hard ground and indications that they had rarely been walked. The majority of the pit bulls were found to have bite wounds that left scars, none of which appeared to have been treated by a veterinarian. 

“Dog fighting is a barbaric act that exploits the trusting nature of innocent animals and condemns them to a life of violence and suffering for human profit,” said Matt Bershadker, president and CEO of the ASPCA.

Police also recovered numerous items of dogfighting paraphernalia from the homes, including bloody breaking sticks (which are designed to separate pit bulls when one’s jaw becomes latched in a grip on its opponent while engaged in dogfighting), as well as numerous heavy chains, double-thick dog collars, weighted dog vests, treadmills and performance-enhancing dietary supplements, the attorney general said.

These items are often used to build strength in a pit bull’s neck and shoulders, to control its weight and to increase its endurance and stamina, as a dogfight to the death can last longer than an hour.

“Dogfighting is an obscenely vicious and cruel form of animal abuse that tortures animals and endangers the safety of the public. It’s barbaric, despicable, and illegal,” Schneiderman said. “No animal should be forced to fight to the death for human entertainment and profit, or bred and trained for that purpose.”

Two of the dogs found had to be euthanized because they had been attacked by their mother. A third dog, named Sophie, had been abused to such a degree that the ASPCA determined she was a threat to humans and had to be euthanized as well, the attorney general said.

“The Suffolk County Police Department will continue to seek out such depraved individuals who have the mistaken belief they have the right to beat, maim and murder innocent animals,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy D. Sini said. “There is no place in our county or society for such inhumane acts of abuse towards any animal and especially for profit.”

All photos courtesy of the Attorney General’s office

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17 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: 36 Pit Bulls Rescued, 3 Arrested After Major Dogfighting Ring Takedown”

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  2. Trying so hard not to get angry because thats the mind of anger that i cant control ,IT CONTROLS ME so… i. Going to stay positive and be thankful that 36 sweet creatures have been saved from the MOST VICIOUS BASTARDS THAT WILL ENDURE THE SAME FATE SOMEDAY SOON I HOPE . Sorry still fighting my anger. Im so happy tbrre are people that put it all on the line to save our best friends our soulmates and our family. Members our dogs. I salute you that saved these innocent dogs . I pray for them to find peace and love and families. With all the happiness these dogs want and need and deserve.

  3. Im trying so hard not to get mad because that kind of anger i cant control IT CONTROLS ME. so ill try to stay positive. Im positive that im so thankful that these innocent dogs have been saved by people who do care and they put it on the line everyday for our best friends, our soulmates , our family members, thank you doesnt seem like enough but i thank you all and i admire and applaude you for doing so an important job saving these dogs from these…VICIOUS BASTARDS THAT HOPEFULLY WILL ENDURE ALL THE PAIN THEY HAVE INFLICTED . And all the abuse and. Treatment they put on these dogs.
    Sorry i guess im struggling to keep my anger under control. But that wont do anyone any good do I will try harder to focus on whats good. So thankful these dogs have been rescued and can finally get all the love and hapoiness and PEACE they have always deserved. Thats my thoughts.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. To you who saved our beloved pit bulls from this awful treatmwnt. I thank you from my heart. You truly are making our world a better place. I pray these precious dogs can now finally enjoy the love and happiness and PEACE they so deserve. Im staying away from all of my anger towards these vicious bastards.They dont deserve any of my energy so thats it on that part. Im excited to see and hear how the dogs can enjoy their new lives and find new families and be happy dogs. I wish i could protect these dogs forever

  5. Hundekämpfe sind grausam !!! Kein Lebewesen sollte zur Unterhaltung dienen , einfach traurig wie diese tollen Hunde behandelt werden . Tierquäler gehören hinter Gittern , denn sie denken nur an ihren Profit und machen es immer wieder . Durch ihr schändliches Verhalten haben gerade die Pittbull und Amstaff einen schlechten Ruf , dabei sind diese Hunde sehr lieb und freundlich . Harte Strafen damit diese unwürdigen Kämpfe aufhören !!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢

  6. Lock them under the jail with no chance to get out. The pain and suffering they chose to put those dogs thru is horrible.

  7. Shame Shame Shame – Go to jail and stay there! Most useless form of human life–poster people for birth control. Parents must be ashamed or rolling in their graves. Losers.

  8. These evil people need to go to prison. they need to be treated the same way they miss treated these dogs. God’s creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. it’s about time police start enforcing the animal abuse laws & I hope these disgusting jerks get beaten & jailed till they are too old to cause any more harm…..grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  10. I am so glad you have caught REAL bad criminals. Thank you. Fricken dangerous for the community and innocent sentiment beings. Fill the prisons and jails with these men. They deserve what they like. Abuse at it’s highest level.

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