Pig & Pit Bull Besties Resist Arrest, Lead Cops On Cutest Police Chase Ever

Late last month, Grizzly, the six-month-old pig, and Apollo, a two-year-old pit bull, found themselves with a rare opportunity they just couldn’t pass up. Someone left the side gate open at their home in Fontana, California… so they went out adventuring.

Of course, all that frivolous frolicking couldn’t last. Their fun and games came to an end shortly after, when a group of schoolchildren noticed them on their way to school. Local police were dispatched to corral the escapees, who by that time were taking a breather on someone’s front lawn.
When Apollo spotted the fuzz approaching, he immediately ceased and desisted. But Grizzly wasn’t ready to call it quits just yet and engaged the officers in a playful game of chase.

“Catching Grizzly was not as easy as the Animal Service Officers had thought,” the department wrote in a Facebook post. “He had fun playing catch me if you can.”
But the officers did finally apprehend him, and the two were returned to Michelle Aviña, who lives just a couple blocks away from where they were discovered.

Well, that’s an adventure those two rascals will have some fun reminiscing about in their old age.

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