Owner Abandons Dog For Being ‘Too Affectionate’ – Strangers Share Story In Hopes Of Rescuing Her

Most people want their pets to be loyal and devoted them.

Having a dog that stays by your side throughout everything would probably seem ideal. Sadly, not everyone feels that way.

One man recently dropped off his dog because it was too clingy and overly affectionate. The rescue workers were shocked. Of course, the dog was also chewing the man’s couch and cushions, but his main complaint what the fact that she never left his side.

The pup’s name is Jubilee, and she is only about a year old.

She is a mix of blue heeler and Irish setter and medium in size. She is adorable and, even more importantly, lovable. Her owner didn’t hesitate to drop her leash and walk out the door while the pup stood and looked at him. She was scared and confused and probably wondered why the person who as supposed to take care of her had left her in a room full of strangers.

Bystanders at the rescue overheard the story and happened to snap photos of Jubilee.

While her story started off sad, it got better. Her owner was criticized for abandoning his pet for such a ridiculous reason, and Jubilee became an internet sensation. As soon as her story was shared online, people started calling the shelter to ask about her.

Just a day after Jubilee was left at the animal shelter, a woman named Samantha adopted her.

She fell in love with the lonely little pup and was excited to give her a new home. Jubilee took to her quickly and began to act as her shadow, following her everywhere. This was the reason her previous owner had surrendered her, but Samantha enjoyed the company.

Samantha said:

“It touched me. She loved so much, I knew I was supposed to have her.”

Samantha took Jubilee home and introduced her to her teenage son, her mother, and her other rescue dog.

The entire family welcomed Jubilee into the home and quickly grew to love her as much as Samantha.

Jubilee still has some anxiety and separation issues, but her family hopes that some love, attention, and training classes will help. They want Jubilee to live a normal life and know that she has found her forever home with them.

Although some people may say that Jubilee’s story is a sad one, Samantha and her family are glad that her owner gave her up at the shelter. They believe that Jubilee was always meant to be a part of their family and are thankful to have her in their lives.

Jubilee wasn’t the only one who found love and a forever home.

A lot of families came to the shelter hoping to adopt Jubilee. When they found out she had already been adopted, they didn’t leave emptyhanded. They realized that there were many other dogs at the shelter who also needed homes. They each had their own sad stories of abandonment or neglect.

Two of the families that came for Jubilee ended up adopting other dogs instead.

If it wasn’t for Jubilee, these pets may still be in the shelter awaiting their forever homes. Sometimes, bad things happen so better things can come from them. Jubilee is clearly in a better place with a family that loves her, and because of her, more people are aware of the numerous shelter animals that need homes.

Hopefully, Jubilee will adjust well to her new family and more shelter pets will find homes as nice as hers. There are millions of pets in need of homes, and all of them deserve to know love.

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