Homeless Pit Bull Struggles To Trust Anyone, Finally Takes A Chance When Stranger Approaches Him

In a heartwarming video posted by the Hope for Paws animal rescue organization, Wilbur, an abandoned Argentinean mastiff from Los Angeles, is miraculously given a much-needed lease on life.

The video, posted to YouTube earlier this month by the animal rescue organization Hope for Paws has garnered over 610,000 views, showcasing the heartwarming rescue of Wilbur, the mastiff.

Luckily for the rescue, a Good Samaritan followed Wilbur for a whole hour until the crew got there, keeping the dog in their sight until the team could finally get him the help he so desperately needed.

At first, Wilbur is understandably hesitant about his rescuers, but Loreta Frankonyte, one of the Hope for Paws crew members, quickly wins him over with a few bites of a juicy cheeseburger.

With a bit of patience, affection, and food, Loretta and the team manage to calm Wilbur, distracting him enough to get a leash onto his neck. From there, they walk to the van, where the dog’s skinny tail finally starts to rise from between his legs. When Loretta and Wilbur finally get in the vehicle, the friendly mastiff happily rests his chin on her lap.

Wilbur and the Hope for Paws team traveled directly to a vet where Wilbur got treated to a nice bath and the medical attention he clearly needed.

Nowadays, Wilbur has been completely nursed back to health. The adoption service Petstablished states, “Wilbur received the best medical care and is in tip-top shape. He also went to our trainers for a month to heal and get basic commands.”

Unfortunately, however, it looks like Wilbur has yet to find his new furever home.

He is currently being housed at Bark n’ Bitches, a dog boutique describing itself as “one of Los Angeles’s premier humane pet shops” with all dogs being rescued from high-kill shelters. At the time of this writing, Wilbur’s ad is still posted.

If you live in the California area and would like to be a part of this brave pup’s new furever home, you can contact Bark n’ Bitches here. Also don’t forget to watch Wilbur’s full story below!