7 Dogs Who Just Can’t Even Be Bothered At All

I love my dog and she usually loves me. The keyword being “usually.” There are times when she’s just too tired to entertain me, and she isn’t afraid to show it.

These dogs below are a lot like mine when it comes to that attitude. I’m sure they were just caught on a bad day. 😉

1. Play fetch with yourself.

“Not feeling it.”

2. I’m watching TV…go away.

“Not while I’m watching my shows.”

3. Don’t stare at me.

“Seriously, don’t stare at me!”

4. The struggle between food and sleep.

“So tired… but FOOD.”



5. This is the most you’re going to get.

“I’d rather be sleeping.”

6. BRB, sunbathing.

“My tan is more important than your humanly needs.”

7. Laters.

“I’m so over today.”

I’m sure most of these pups were ready to play again within a couple of hours. Sometimes, like us, they just have enough for one day. 🙂

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