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If you get paid to be messy, then messy is what you’re going to be. That’s the lesson to take away from Brandi Maxiell’s recent posts on Instagram outing her hubby as a low-down dirty dog. In posts saved by Baller Alert, the Basketball Wives star revealed that she can’t see her husband’s Instagram posts because he’s trying to keep his creeping a secret.

“Everyone go follow my f**ked up husband,” she wrote under an image of his account that was set to private. “I can’t seem to because he likes to follow b****es.”

She followed that up with a post implying that she was tossing him and his stuff to the curb.

“The trash gets picked up tomorrow,” it said. “Be ready.”

Both posts have since been deleted.

It’s not the first time that Brandi has stirred the pot outside of the show. She got into it with her fellow BBW star Evelyn Lozada when they had a disagreement as to why she was brought back to the reality show franchise.Maxiell says she was asked back because the rest of the cast weren’t interesting enough.

“The reason WE back was the show was tired and whack and they were filming for almost 3 months and could barely pull 1 episode out of it. And they begged for Malaysia and I to come back. Not knowing the others would be so childish like that,” she tweeted.

She went on to explain why she’s interesting where others failed to be compelling.

I have a degree, survivor, own a salon, makeup line, trucking company, speaking engagements and GOD isn’t done yet boo,” she wrote. “What your substance??? Pulling black women together to fight one another???..No im sorry…B***H PLEASE.”

Lozada took offense to this explanation and said that she was brought back to fill a very specific hole in the cast.

“Lies! They brought them back in when the Metoyer sisters didn’t work out,” Evelyn tweeted, before adding that she’s done more than Maxiell.

“LOL! I’m 4 years older than her. She’s not that far behind,” she said.

In an interview with DeDe In The Morning Brandi elaborated on her dislike for Lozada.

“I don’t respect her anymore just based on…She went on The Real talking about substance and then it kind of made it seem like she was talking about Malaysia and I, like, with ‘No substance,’ and you know, no whatever and it’s just like she comes on the show talking about substance and she wants to revamp the show but yet I have not seen anything of her or anything of her doing anything but talk about Jackie and this daughter situation. Girl, let’s talk about you, your kids, your boo, your job, all this other stuff. You’re taking 15 episodes talking about someone being a horrible mother. If you think someone’s a horrible mother as a ‘woman’ trying to show empowerment why don’t you uplift her or teach her or show her or guide her or whatever.”

Lozada can add “bagged a famous rapper” to her list of accomplishments. The reality star seemed incredibly happy in a series of birthday posts from French Montana’s house.

It’s been three years since French split from Khloé Kardashian, so it’s high time he was spotted on the scene again. And the posts from French’s house seem to indicate that he’ll be stepping out with Lozada soon enough.
The Blast says that the pair are “taking things slow” but that they’re definitely a couple.

We have to admit the evidence is compelling. There was a bottle of French Vanilla Ciroc next to Evelyn’s cake. Would anyone drink that if they weren’t at French Montana’s house?

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