He Loved Them, They Were His Family – But They Abandoned Him And Left Him To Starve!

Packing away your life and moving away can be stressful, but there is no possible excuse for what happened to the poor Dog in the following story.

Here at DoggiesCare, we believe dogs are family and you don’t leave family behind when you move away.

That’s why it’s so difficult to understand how anyone could do this to the dog in the following video. Named “Sweet June” by her rescuers, this sick, sad and terrified pit bull was found in the worst condition.

She was tied up and left for dead in the place that she once knew as home with her family. It wasn’t until a shocking 45 days later that a good Samaritan heard Sweet June’s cries for help and she was saved.

Although she was starving and close to death, she still had some fight left in her. Luckily, the amazing heroes of Vet Ranch knew exactly how to help.

When June was first brought into the Vet Ranch, she weighed only 36 pounds and needed a lot of help.


After being spoiled rotten by her heroes at the Vet Ranch for a few weeks, June was ready to start her new life.

This dog was so lucky to have such amazing people working to get her healthy. And help keep her away from her abusive owners forever. But there are a lot of dogs who still need help



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