15 dogs and cats that will make you question everything you know…

Below are 15 photos proving that dogs and cats can get along. Contrary to popular belief, they can be the best of buddies!
1) Taking shelter under your best friend’s ear.

7) “Body pillow”

2) “Nice to have a buddy when you’re down & out”

3) “Louis made a new friend”

4) Puppy pillow!

5) Lying around…

6) Cutest cuddle ever.

13) We cuddle on Sundays too

9) “Forsberg really missed having a cat. Problem solved.”

10) “He is my play buddy, my best mate, my bodyguard and also my pillow.”

11) “The cat is the hat”

12) “Dis is my pillow”

8) “Sweetest cat and dog from Norway.”
14) “What you get when you let your puppy pick out a buddy…”

15) “My dog has terminal cancer. I’ve noticed he and my cat have been cuddling a lot more since he got sick.”

Now THIS is more like it.

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