Actual Footage Of Boy Being Saved By Avalanche Rescue Dog…

Avalanches kill 150 people each year. That’s a scary statistic! And that is why there are trained professionals near high incident areas. And guess what! These trained professionals we rely on aren’t human! They are canine.

Many people have written into search and rescue teams, and have asked how exactly do avalanche dogs perform their incredible acts of heroics. One boy from a boy scout troop had the opportunity to show the world how these dogs pull off their life-saving routines.

At a ski resort in Montana, as part of their visit to Big Sky Resort, the boy is buried in a simulation. Boy’s Life records the experience with one of the scouts, Nathan, stating, “Me and my friends drew sticks, and I got the right stick, so I got put in a hole in the snow, and the dog came and found me. The idea is the dog finds you and the rescuers come over and dig you the rest of the way out.”

Videos like this one remind us that dogs aren’t just perfect for companionship, they perform heroic feats every single day!

Thank you to all working pups! You’re all pawsome!

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