He Waited For His Family That Deserted Him For An Entire Year, How He Survived Will Break Your Heart

A family, who obviously couldn’t care less about doing the right thing, moved away and left their senior dog out on the streets. The dog didn’t know that his family wasn’t coming back for him so he waited for them at their house. Does it get any sadder than that?

Lisa and JoAnn with Hope For Paws got the call and immediately headed over to go save him. The dog was hiding in the house’s crawl space. They were able to lure him out but then he got spooked and ran back in.

In the video, Hope For Paws reminds us: “A dog is not a wild animal and is not equipped to survive by himself. Dogs are domesticated and rely on humans to provide food, shelter and much more.” They’re a thousand percent correct! Leaving a dog like this is abuse! It’s cruel and will NOT be tolerated.

When the dog comes out again, thinking his rescuers are gone, Lisa and JoAnn are able to nab him. It’s scary, sure, but it is what is best for him and be totally worth it in the end. But he doesn’t understand what is going on so he’s understandably scared.

They name him Stewie.

Stewie arrives at the vet clinic and it is there a dark secret is revealed. Stewie has been eating rocks to survive.

They give Stewie a much-needed bath but sadly discovered his body is riddled with tumors. Luckily, tests reveal that all Stewie’s tumors are benign and can be removed. YAY!

Stewie is now in his foster home, doing well and waiting to be adopted. Thank you, Hope For Paws!
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