Pit bull approaches stranger’s car, jumps inside the moment he spots food

The bond between man and dog is known to be strong and inseparable, but what of the bond between dog and dog? More specifically, a brother and sister dog?
The footage below shows the unbreakable strength of that bond, and the lengths these siblings would go to for one another.

In the video, the female dog is stuck to the railroad – a live railroad with trains still running over it. She was stuck for two whole days, but her brother refused to leave her side.

In one startling clip, you can see a train actually run over the dogs, but the brother protectively lies with his sister and they survive.

He kept her warm during the two days and brought her food, and his efforts kept them alive until the pair could be rescued.
For those who may be wondering why the person filming was not helping the dogs, it was due to the male dog’s protective nature. He would react aggressively to anyone who tried to approach them and would start biting in order to keep his sister safe.

It took a lot of patient waiting before the dogs were in a state to let people come close to them and help them. The person who captured the footage wanted to show how the dogs were protective of one another, while also keeping an eye on them to try and save them.
Thankfully, the dogs were able to be rescued in the end, and you can see they’re happy and healthy once again. It’s truly amazing and inspiring the love and care the two siblings have for one another.
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