Curious Dog Wanders Onto Train Tracks, So Conductor Delays Train While Bystanders Save Dog

Dogs always seem to get themselves into the most precarious situations. Somehow, they manage to leave the safe comfort of home and straight into danger.

This curious pup left home one day and wandered onto some train tracks. The dog didn’t seem concerned about the oncoming train, but luckily some people noticed him.

twitter train

Bystanders saw the dog and notified a station attendant, who quickly got to work. The train’s conductor was notified and stopped the train on the tracks just in time!

save dog

The dog seemed totally unaware of the danger he was in.

The station attendant laid down on the platform and held the dog in place by his collar. Meanwhile, good samaritans helped move the dog to safety.


train dog

And they were successful! The train attendant and the Good Samaritans got the dog to safety.


dog safety

The Metro attendants brought him to their office, where he settled in nicely. They brought him a bowl of water and started looking to see if anyone was missing their dog.

office dog

A while later, the dog’s owner ran frantically into the office, worried about her lost pooch. She was thrilled that her dog was safe and sound, and waiting for her right there in the office.



happy ending

It’s always wonderful to see a happy story like this!

train attendant

What a wonderful station attendant! She definitely deserves a promotion.

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