Family Refuses To Take ‘Gross’ Dog Back Home After Vet Amputates Her Leg To Save Her Life

Every dog deserves an owner who will care for them and treat them with respect. Squirrel thought she had that, but she was mistaken.

Squirrel is a sweet dog who used to have a loving family. She loved spending time with her owners, especially the kids who always played with her.

Unfortunately, Squirrel got hurt when she was hit by a car one day. Her leg was severely injured, but the rest of her was still okay. A vet tried to fix up her leg with a cast, but it didn’t work.

dog cast

So Squirrel’s family brought her back to the vet. The only way to help Squirrel was to amputate her leg. When Squirrel recovered from surgery, she was totally fine. She quickly learned how to run with only three legs, and she couldn’t wait for her family to come pick her up.

squirrel dog

When Squirrel’s family came to get her, though, they told the vet they were “grossed out” by Squirrel. They refused to take her home.

sad dog

Luckily, Squirrel was taken in by Sidewalk Specials, an organization in Cape Town, South Africa that cares for animals in need. While Squirrel awaits a caring forever family to take her home, she’s in the good hands of Sidewalk Specials.

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